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"Hi, My name is Kristos Straker the creator of Physiofriend.   I created Physiofriend as I wanted to provide a  physiotherapy service , but not just any service. I wanted to create a  dedicated physiotherapy service which provides wholistic care using evidence based practice and experienced practitioners to restore function, resolve impairments, empowering individuals and guide them through their journey to optimal health. 

What we are good  at:

We treat a range of  conditions 

We provide care for a range of conditions. Whether your a runner with knee pain, an elderly person who needs support with improving balance, need rehabilitation after a stroke or need to see someone after your hip or knee replacement, Physiofriend is here to help.

Variety of treatment modalities

At Physiofriend we use a range of manual handling techniques such as massage and acupuncture as we'll as individualised exercise programs in order to improve your problem. 

We treat you holistically

We aim to treat all of you. Due to the significantly large caseload in the NHS they generally struggle to afford the time to treat in any detail (at no fault of the NHS) and often times  there is hardly any time to treat related problems. At Physiofriend we assess individuals in great detail and treat related structures and lifestyle habits causing your symptoms to limit the chances of them reoccurring.

We can treat you at a location of your preference

At home, in our clinic, at your place of work, the choice is yours. You decide on the location and we will be there

No limit to who we treat

At Physiofriend all is welcome. We have treated the likes of young children to the elderly some being centurions. Whether your gay or bisexual we provide a non descrimitory service.

We love our community!

Physiofriends ultimate goal is to provide a health service and education to everyone. We are involved in a variety of local projects integrated with other local businesses such as tai chi future, nutritionists, cancer education uk and The rock team and more. We  also have social media platforms to reach out to an even large audience. You can find us on instagram, twitter and Facebook typing in @physiofriend in the search. Also subscribe to our youtube channel www.youtube.com/physiofriend.

© 2020 by Physiofriend 

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