At Physiofriend we follow our 4 T's to treatment philosophy.
Tell- You Tell us what the problem is
Test- We Test the structures at fault
Tailor- We devise a suitable treatment program together
Treat- We provide you with the best treatment
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Elderly Care

At Physiofriend we provide healthcare for musculoskeletal and  neurological conditions. We also provide treatment for people with disabilities, young and older persons. We a range of treatment strategies included in your physiotherapy or used as stand alone treatments.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a great way to loosen up soft tissues, improve blood flow, and aid recovery after treatment


Acupuncture focuses on inserting fine needles in areas of tightness or along meridians to balance energy and reduce pain


Cupping is a treatment practiced in ancient China, involving cups which suction areas of skin to loosen adhesive tissues

Exercise Prescription

Tailored exercise programs are important to load tendons and muscles to recover from injury and improve sporting performance