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The Karma of Health

The Karma of health

There was once a time when we had little scientific evidence, where conditions and aliments were unexplained and the result of superstitions and curses. As our science expanded and the improvement of imaging such as ultrasound and MRI became available we were able to explain the sources of pain such a tendinopathies and radicular back pain. Although some sources of pain have a clear cause there are many others that do not.

Take Rheumatoid arthritis, a type of rheumatic condition, which causes inflammation affecting the small joints in the hands and feet. On the NHS website its states that Rheumatoid arthritis has no clear cause, however physician such as Arnold Ehret who were around in the first half of the 20thcentury argue differently. He suggested that rheumatoid arthritis is the body’s way of eliminating toxins from the body and depositing them in the safest part it can which is our joints. Surely at minimum he must be half correct as it appears more reasonable to suggest that rheumatoid arthritis has some type of cause rather than none at all?

Cause and effect is one of the 7 hermetic laws known since antiquity. It states that every effect has a cause, that everything on the physical plane is the result of something else or process that occurs. Trees bear fruit from the process of photosynthesis and we are able to breathe as a result of our heart beating. If we saw a friend with a black eye we would ask what happened, if they state it just came on we would be very puzzled.

From my own experience it would make sense that everything happens for a reason and there is nothing in the intelligent body or universe that ‘just happens’. Our science cannot explain everything, but this does not mean it’s the same for all healing systems and medical practices around the world, both old and new. Take Chinese medicine as an example and the understanding of meridians (energy pathways) and chi (energy that flows through the body). Through research, Chinese medicine proves that the blockage of chi in a specific meridian leads to illness and disease associated with the effected channel. Acupuncture needles are used to unblock meridians, clearly demonstrating increased vitality and health in the recipient.

Usually when an unexplainable condition happens we often state there is no cause and are very quick to blame it on our genes. However just because we can’t understand what is going on does not mean there is no answer. As we make scientific breakthroughs the unknown becomes known. Although the evidence is not wildly appreciated, new research over the last few years show that many unexplainable conditions appears to have its root cause in our diets and the health of our colon. In self-reflection and self-experience, I have seen how the result of poor diet choices has caused excessive acne and resulted in fevers as a cleansing mechanism initiated by the body. Going to the GP in my teens, worried about my face almost being disfigured by acne, I was oblivious by the effect that my high sugar diet was causing. It was only until I change my diet unknowing to the GP that my condition greatly improved.

Understanding the principle of cause an effect empowers us to take control of our life. From this point of view, we understand that everything has its reason and our job is to understand what the reason is, especially when it pertains to the sustainment of our health.

Let’s share and build together! Have you got any interesting stories regarding this topic! Comment below!

Love and light


Physiotherapist at Physiofriend

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