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Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow also known as lateral condylitis is caused by the inflammation of tendons on the outside part of your elbows and as the name suggests is very common but not limited to tennis players
In the the forearm the movement of wrist extension comes from muscles starting from the elbow into the back of the wrists
Cause of Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow is caused by the repetitive strain of the tendons involved in wrist extension. Pain and symptoms usually takes weeks or months to develop which is caused by the fibres in the tendon becoming inflamed. As factors which causes to tendons to inflame are often ignored symptoms can become more severe over time
  • Pain present at rest from activities
  • Pain present then moving the wrist
  • Intense pain in around the outer elbow joint in the arm
  • Reduced grip strength
  • Stiffness around the area and more so in the morning
Risk factors
Repetitive tasks- involving repetitive movement of the arm such as sewing
Sports- such as tennis where the elbow involving quick and rapid movement of the arm.
Previous injuries- People who have had previous tennis elbow or injuries in the area are at a higher risk of getting tennis elbow.
Tennis elbow can take a few weeks to up to 6 months to become 100% better
Physiofriend can provide a multiple range of treatments such as home exercises, massage and taping to  alleviate symptoms and help you carry on day to day tasks without being in too much pain.
Ice- Ice treatment can help reduce inflammation of the tendons. ice should never be in direct contact with the skin due to ice burns. It is better to wrap the ice in cloth before applying it to skin.
Heat- help to improve blood flow within the tissues to aid in better healing. heat can be applied for 15-20 minutes up to 3-5 times daily
Massage- Massage aid the healing process of tendons. Your physiotherapist can also teach you safe techniques to self massage the area. 
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