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Sugar, The White Stuff


Sugar is something that we cannot escape. Its is everywhere and in everything. Sugar has a dark past and a bleak future. Sugar is the drug that no one talks about with our younger members of society becoming more hooked than previous generations. This article will look at sugar, its dark past, its bleak future, the addictive properties of sugar, how sugar is making children sugar addicts and health consequences.

Sugar and its dark Past

Sugar the once white gold was a substance that was widely yielded through the labour of people forced to work under the conditions of slavery. The sugar plantation were widely seen in the Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Jamaica and Cuba. Along with a stream off other spices and flavours sugar was widely imported to countries such as England and America. At the time sugar was widely enjoyed and people wanted more of it. Little did anyone know that sugar would become a life threatening burden and sugars past seems to be as dark as its future.

The White Stuff

Research shows that sugar appears to activate similar brain receptors as cocaine and people find that giving up sugar is much harder than it seems. The average person will deny their addiction to sugar and most probably won’t realise that sugar is in almost everything we eat, especially if the food is processed. If you were to challenge most of the people you encounter daily to eliminate sugar from their diet whilst only consuming sugar in its natural states, nearly all would struggle embarking on this near impossible task. Withdrawal from sugar can lead to headaches, irritability, nervousness, fatigue and other symptoms that will deem one “cold turkey’.

Kiddy Crack

Dave Chapelle a comedian once joked and termed children cereal in America ‘Kiddy Crack’. Modern day cereals such as those with cartoon faces to attract children attention are loaded with sugar to the extent that children seems to become addicted and struggle with behavioural problems once they have their fix. This addiction guarantees parents give in to their pestering offspring in the search for peace from nagging and whining. At an early age children are being geared to become hard core sugar addicts for the rest of their lives. This habitual loops can be linked to feel good patterns which may be the source of adults treating themselves to binging a sugary treat as a form of self reward.

Sugarcoating your health

When I go through my bouts of eliminating sugar I notice that my skin looks better, much fuller with less visible creases between my nose and lip folds. On inspection of my fingers I also notice less dryness between the fingers and don’t have to worry about hiding it with some E45. Sugar most certainly robs the body of hydration. In its natural states sugar cane provides the necessary nutrients and hydration which compliments our sweet tooth desire. The body appears to make up for this lost hydration from the gut by robbing the skin, the bones and other parts of the body to aid the digestion of sugar.

Tooth decay is a tell tell sign of people in the Wests indulgence on having far too much sugar in their diet. Your teeth are meant to decay when your 90 not 9. Excess sugar has been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and nerve degeneration. We fail to realise the health consequences as sugar is a normal part of our daily lives.


Sugar is a very big problem. For most of us sugar is part of everyday normal life so it is hard to see the health consequences attached to this addiction of ours. Once latched onto sugar from an early age it is difficult to escape it grasps. Sugar causes wide scale health degeneration within our bodies and its is important we seek only sugars naturally occurring in our foods.

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