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At Physiofriend we follow our 4 T's to treatment philosophy.
Tell- You Tell us what the problem is
Test- We Test the structures at fault
Tailor- We devise a suitable treatment program together
Treat- We provide you with the best treatment
Take a look at our services below
Neuro Physiotherapy

Neurological conditions are conditions that affect the nervous system which involes the brain and/or spine. The symptoms of neurological conditions is determined by the part of the brain affected. Different neurological conditions can affect different or somtimes similar areas of the brain. Common symptoms of neurological conditions involves difficulty walking, stiffness, loss of movement in the limbs and pain. 


We treat: Parkinson's, stroke, Multiple sclerosis and more....


Musculoskeletal conditions are the main cause of giving up sporting activities and work related sickness in the UK. Musculoskeletal conditions cause pain, restriction of movement and reduces ones quality of life. Musculoskeletal are conditions which affect the muscles, joints, tendons and related structures.  


We treat: Shoulder injuries, low back pain, sciatica and more...

Older Adult

As a person gets older they may mind find tasks becoming a little bit more difficult or they are no longer able to do activities that they could previously do. Changes to the skeletal structure, the muscle and memory may be some of the many chanlllenges that older adults face..

We treat: Falls prevention and management, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia and more


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Memberships for all ages and abilities.

We treat: Falls prevention and management, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia and more

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